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voice of a child

Music is beautiful.  I love it and feel it is an awesome way to praise God.

In children’s ministry we sing loudly, have motions for every emotion, move and dance.

All that is awesome.

This week we studied the importance of our words.

We did not have music.  We did not have motions.  No dancing.

All 100+ of our kids sat on the stage and we focused on our words as we praised God.

It was the best music I have ever heard.

I cannot imagine any band or orchestra that could have been better.

Before singing “God is so Good” the kids were telling ways God has been good.

One 8 year old girl raised her hand and said “My friend’s parents were getting a divorce, but they are not now.  They are moving by us.”

I know the couple she is talking about and what a blessing it was to hear they are staying together.

More than hearing about the couple was the honesty of that little girl.  Most adults are too afraid of telling such intimate details.  The little girl did name names, and that is okay.  She was beaming with joy over the restoration of this family.  To have the joy, faith and love of a child.  To praise with the voice of a child. 

God is so good….focus on those words.

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