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In Luke 2, it is written…”Mary treasured these things in her heart”.
Today I treasure…
My lunch with Emory.  An elderly man Tom and I met at Hamburger Heaven. His wife is in the hospital. He is scared.
Tom, who introduces me to people as his daughter even though we are no relation.
Extra crunchy peanut butter.
Laughing at work today and the girls know why….still laughing…will laugh about this one a long time.
The stains coming out of my car mats that have Psalm 23 (in pink thread) sewn into them.
The bigger slinkies have arrived.  Fun on Sunday with the kids at church!
Money this week for new tires.
Money this week for a new lamp for my t.v.
Serving with the kids at Crosspoint tomorrow – packing kits for Haiti.
People who understand.
People who don’t understand and love anyway.
Patience.  Teaching that Sunday.  Wow! I treasure the patience so many have shown me.
Moments when I feel so alone that I only have God.

kimdcrawford 02.19.2010

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