Need Feedback


I am doing a survey and need your help.  Please answer the following question:

What is the most important lesson you have learned about love?

I will post results later.


4 comments on “Need Feedback

  1. That it’s unconditional. Also that it’s a decision, & a commitment; an action verb, not a noun-not a feeling or an emotion. The feelings come along with it & are a byproduct of it, but not the meaning of it. Feelings & emotions ebb & flow, was & wane, but true, genuine love is forever & conquers all things & is above all things! Faith, hope, love-but the greatest of these is love!


  2. We love because God first loved us. Amazing love!!!

    Love is a decision, a choice. Love goes hand in hand with forgiveness. Love is an action not a feeling. God commands it!

    It is easier to find love and give love when I seek,study,read,meditate, and pray God’s Word daily and/or continually.


  3. I am in agreement with the two other comments wherein love is an act of the will and not based on feelings. A simple definition would be; love is doing what is absolutely best for the one you love…no matter what it costs you. The best example is God’s love for us which cost Him a son. Love, true love, cannot be selfish or self serving. Love is based on faith and not on flesh.


  4. Amen, Disciple!


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