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Breathe Grace

It seems we all find ourselves behind bars.

In freedom the light reveals the scars.

Disappointment, dailyness, discouragement.

They come without warning, against our plans, and it hurts.

Sometimes at rock bottom it only gets worse.

Bars of iron, addiction, fear, broken hearts, mistakes, limitations and pain.

Sometimes feeling like a pawn in a losing game.

Mountains and valleys are promised.  They’re givens.

Sorrow and grief are part of this living.

I hear creation groaning beneath all the pain.

Soaking up our tears when heads hang in shame.

Oh, but Breathe Grace!  Fill your lungs with His power and might,

For you are never alone.  Not for one night.

The Holy Spirit indwells in our hearts and our souls.

He intercedes to the Father because each woe He knows.

Through it all we can rest in peace and breathe Grace.

For God wants us to seek His Holy, loving, radiant face.

Breathe Grace.

Based on Scripture Romans 8 ESV

Copyright Kim Crawford July 19, 2009

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