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Strategy of God

God strategically places people just where I need them, exactly where we are needed.

He placed a wealth of knowledge, and heart for God, in a tiny woman with crippling arthritis.

She inspired me to go to school.

He placed eyes that no longer see, yet always see the good, in a bubbly redhead.

She taught me thankfulness.

Into a tough and strong man, He placed a tender heart of mercy.

He taught me to never look back and to forgive myself.

He allowed cancer to infest the body of a man who never stopped sharing Jesus.

He taught me to practice dancing so that I will be ready for Heaven.

God knitted friendship so tightly in a little one, and she held my hand.

She taught me it is okay to be a little girl forever and eternity.

He placed brilliant creativity, which sometimes causes tangled cobwebs and broken chords in a brown eyed soul.

And from him I learned I could express, create, praise…he said I could do it…and when I was lost, and could not remember the words, to stop and say Jesus.

Copyright Kim Crawford June 3, 2009

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