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Growing Wings

Growing Wings

Growing Wings offers a creative and gentle experience of a child’s journey through loss and gain in life. Losing a pet, family member, or friend is a traumatic experience for anyone and especially for a child. There are no perfect words to describe the feelings attached to loss and certainly no concrete rules of how […]

Book: Growing Wings available on Amazon

The text begins a page late, therefore the text and illustrations are not lining up as they should. Also, there are 4 typos on the back cover which were not on the proof. Please do not order until I have this corrected.  I will let everyone know how to get a replacement asap. Stay tuned. […]

That Moment Changed My Life

    My manager at the funeral home suggested I get my funeral director’s license. Nah. He kept saying I was good with the grieving families. I had been serving in ministry for years, but mostly children, youth and seniors. Grief. Hmmmm……Hospice nurse he suggested. That moment changed my life. I enrolled in school with […]

A Call to Prayer…Love Those Prayer Warriors!

  Such a blessing to have A Call to Prayer in Birmingham! July 2015

As a Loom

As a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to make potholders on a little loom. I loved pulling the small loops of many colors tightly across, and the challenge to get some of them to stay in that place of tension. The beauty was created as I wove other loops over, under, […]

Loved being on Call to Prayer with musical greatness: Cannot Be Contained!

Call to Prayer December 11, 2013

Always a blessing to be a part of Call to Prayer!