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A Call to Prayer…Love Those Prayer Warriors!

  Such a blessing to have A Call to Prayer in Birmingham! July 2015

As a Loom

As a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to make potholders on a little loom. I loved pulling the small loops of many colors tightly across and the challenge to get them to stay in place. The beauty was created as I wove other loops over, under, and across. The loose […]

Loved being on Call to Prayer with musical greatness: Cannot Be Contained!

Call to Prayer December 11, 2013

Always a blessing to be a part of Call to Prayer!

Revocation Radio – links to hear the show

kimhortonseg1 Kim Horton Interview Part 2 Thank you to my new friends at Revocation Radio for allowing me the opportunity to share God’s power and Presence this morning! God is alive and working in our lives, but we must change our focus and our faith in order to realize it.  God has been working in […]

Radio September 4 8:30 a.m.:

Sharing the Power of God in my life tomorrow on Revocation Radio 88.1 St. Clair/ 88.5 Tuscaloosa / 104.5 or 96.3 Auburn Please pray I will allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me and tune in if you can!

kids camp 2012

the Lady The highlight of the night though, was hearing the kids sing “I Call You Father” and their excitement to offer other names for God!  How beautiful their voices in praise to a loving Savior!

Children’s Ministry: Starring Penny, the world’s number one lover of the color pink & Jesus!

Henrietta Uma Garrett – H.U.G. “Penny” She loves love & loves to talk about Jesus Penny would love to come to your children’s ministry, school, camp, etc. to share joy and worship with your kids!

A Call to Prayer WDJC 93.7

I’m so glad Birmingham has Christian leaders like Roxanne & Chris on WDJC.  A Call to Prayer is such a blessing for our city!

Kim and Roxanne A Call to Prayer March 2012