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I Have a Trike


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yelling yellow

yelling yellow (For the video meditation)

Yellow curtains blow in a breeze in a sleepy yawn of good morning

Yellow butter flows on my hot pancakes made just for me by my Granny’s soft hands

Yellow bird sings a melody beckoning me to skip to the park

Yellow sunshine squeezes through the branches while swinging higher to touch the shine of the sun

Yellow bumble bee buzzes and hums as he laps up yummy yellow treats

Yellow lemon icee is sour, sweet, cold, and sticky

Yellow butterfly friend, delicate and small sits on a tiny yellow rosebud

Yellow caterpillar nibbles a yellow petal as he hopes to have wings, someday

Yellow sweater so soft, yet too warm and makes me scream, “Spring is here!”

Yellow shoelace trips my hurried steps to make it to my lesson on my yellow ukelele

Yellow dog sits at my feet begging for a morsel from my dinner plate

Yellow sheets are my cocoon of snuggle

Yellow moon whispers, “Sweet sleep.”

Yelling yellow in my dreams of you.

copyright Kim Crawford-Meeks sept 29, 2017, march 18, 2020

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Take time to find beauty


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David’s Journey with an Acoustic Neuroma Brain Tumor


David’s treatment, surgery, & recovery with an acoustic neuroma brain tumor.

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Buzzing and Nuzzling

Buzzing and Nuzzling

The young chestnut-bronze deer nuzzled against his snow-white woolly friend in the meadow.

Hundreds of yellow buttercups shielded them from the outsiders.

Sunbeams reached from the blue sky to warm the sleepy couple.

Lily Lamb lay her fluffy head on the fuzzy bronze neck of her friend Davy Deer.

Lily grinned as she thought about Davy’s white tuft of a tail sticking up as he protected her from Old Grey Bully Goat.

No one saw this but her.

Davy’s long legs running through the meadow, jumping over chilly streams and leaping through green thickets, were like fingers strumming a guitar.

His sweet and sad melody rang in Lily’s heart as a symphony of songs.

Davy’s sounds buzzed in her ear like the bees when they make golden honey and hummed like the sparrows when they welcome the orange sun over the crest.

Davy’s big brown loving, longing, eyes pierced through Lily’s sentimental soul.

Lily kissed each of Davy’s creamy eyelids, which told him I love you too.

Davy flicked a red and black ladybug off the soft pink inside of Lily’s ear.

She woke and realized she was dreaming of Davy.

Lily remembered that Davy was not nuzzled beside her in the green field any longer, but rather on a journey in a faraway land.

A tear squeezed from Lily’s jade green eye.

She felt a slight breeze and a chestnut-bronze colored butterfly dried her tear.

As he flew away, Lily noticed the tiniest tuft of white on the tip of the butterfly’s silky wing.

kimdcrawford 2010

Kim Crawford-Meeks revised 10.22.2018; 07.02.2019; 03.07.2020



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Thorns in the weeds sting my feet as I run to the sound of the water

My feet relax in relief as the cool clay soothes the prickles in my tired feet

Stepping into the river

Sand squeezes between my toes and causes me to stumble

Strong waters surround me

Brisk and cold but warmer in the sunny spots

I see the bottom but it is deeper than I expected

The rocks are uneven beneath my feet

Some large, some small

Some smooth, some jagged

A slick one takes me off guard

Very difficult to stand here without support, all alone

I need something to hold on to

I feel my chest tighten

Panic that I will be swept away

Pulled under the current and dragged on the river bottom

I balance somehow with strength I don’t realize I have

I exhale

My clothing is heavy with soaking water, but I do not sink

I balance carefully and journey to a dry stone in the sun

I begin to dry and feel warmth on my skin

Warmth into my soul

A twig with a tiny yellow bud floats by me into the unknown

If I go further I’m afraid it will be deeper and engulf me

My plan was to keep forging ahead and find out today where the river leads

Am I weak for staying where I am?

I feel safe here

The sun shines on my face and warms me in this place

I feel this is where I need to be

For now

I will wait here until I am told to move

Until the voice behind the sun tells me to go forward

I hear God say
“Child, you are on my solid rock. Stand.”

Kim Crawford-Meeks

*Copyright June 7, 2009, revised March 2, 2020

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Love Challenge Day 14 – Love Somebody

Today Valentine’s Day. God is love.  You are loved today and always. Be loving to others.

A prayer:


A tear needs a question

-Not a tissue to dry it

A broken heart needs a listening ear

-Not a lashing tongue

A person with scars needs friendship in the present

-Not told of failures in the past

A moment of fear needs a hand in the dark

-Not a switch for the light

A person in agony needs compassion and validation

-Not an answer

A soul needs to connect

-Not wander in the fog

An insecure mind needs to know

-Not question or wonder

A living being needs continual love

-Not halfway, some of the time, or when it feels good

Love somebody

-With all you hear, all you say, all you remember, all you forget, all you touch, all you feel, all of your heart, all the way, with always a yes, and never a no.

1 Peter4:8-11 “Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.”

Even if we have very little of material items to give someone, we can give the greatest gift of all, which is love. Love has to show up. Love is certainly just being with someone. It is also giving to, doing for, speaking up, and reaching out. Just showing up is sometimes exactly what someone needs, but who you are and what you do when you show up also matters. Love is a choice. Love is a verb. Love has to love daily and deeply. It isn’t a hobby, a habit, or only there for when you need it. Love is a ministry. When you take someone’s heart in your hands, you are accepting the greatest responsibility on this planet. Love looks at another as a gift. A treasure. Figure out how to care for this treasure you have been given. Do you find out how to take care of the things on earth you treasure? If someone gave you a football, signed by your favorite team, during a championship game, would you play with it out in the mud and leave it outside to ruin? If someone gave you a diamond ring that belonged to a queen, would you leave it by the sink, just to fall down the drain? No. You choose to take care of things you value as rare and precious treasures. The heart of this person that you hold in your hand is a greater treasure than all earthly things.

kim crawford

12.19.13; 2.13.18