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Buzzing and Nuzzling

Buzzing and Nuzzling

The young chestnut-bronze deer nuzzled against his snow-white woolly friend in the meadow.

Hundreds of yellow buttercups shielded them from the outsiders.

Sunbeams reached from the blue sky to warm the sleepy couple.

Lily Lamb lay her fluffy head on the fuzzy bronze neck of her friend Davy Deer.

Lily grinned as she thought about Davy’s white tuft of a tail sticking up as he protected her from Old Grey Bully Goat.

No one saw this but her.

Davy’s long legs running through the meadow, jumping over chilly streams and leaping through green thickets, were like fingers strumming a guitar.

His sweet and sad melody rang in Lily’s heart as a symphony of songs.

Davy’s sounds buzzed in her ear like the bees when they make golden honey and hummed like the sparrows when they welcome the orange sun over the crest.

Davy’s big brown loving, longing, eyes pierced through Lily’s sentimental soul.

Lily kissed each of Davy’s creamy eyelids, which told him I love you too.

Davy flicked a red and black ladybug off the soft pink inside of Lily’s ear.

She woke and realized she was dreaming of Davy.

Lily remembered that Davy was not nuzzled beside her in the green field any longer, but rather on a journey in a faraway land.

A tear squeezed from Lily’s jade green eye.

She felt a slight breeze and a chestnut-bronze colored butterfly dried her tear.

As he flew away, Lily noticed the tiniest tuft of white on the tip of the butterfly’s silky wing.

kimdcrawford 2010

Kim Crawford-Meeks revised 10.22.2018; 07.02.2019; 03.07.2020



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