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Love Challenge: Patient Love – Day No. 1

Unveiled & Untangled

If anyone loves love and realizes it’s value, it is someone who has loved and lost that love, like my single friends and me. Never think because someone is single, that they wanted to be or don’t respect and believe in marriage and love. Oh no, just the opposite.
I do highly recommend you buy a copy of the Love Dare and do it 1 month every single year. The greatest gift God gives you is the heart of another to blend with your own and love the way He does. The Bible teaches that our children must grow up and leave and cleave to their own spouses, but we are to join our hearts wholly with another in covenant relationship. Love needs continual maintenance and care to grow. We do more maintenance and spend more time on our cars, air conditioning units, hobbies, etc., than we do our love…

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