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Feel Alive

Don’t think outside the box.

Live outside the box.

Color outside the lines with all the wrong colors.

Wear glitter and pearls to the grocery store and comfy clothes to work.

Disconnect the dots.

Bake when you want to and never as a chore.

Laugh out loud. Really. Loudly.

Cry ugly.

Hug daily. Nightly.

Reach for the stars and stuff them in your pockets so you are never in the dark again.

Play with puppies and say puppy feet when you don’t know what to say.

Ask children to pray for you. Listen to them pray.

Stop to smell the roses. And the sugar cookies. And the ocean, And honeysuckles.

Watch sappy love stories because you refuse to stop believing in fairy tales.


Touch the sunshine.

Taste the wind.

Smell the rain.

See the love.

Feel alive.

Kim Crawford 12.7.17

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