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Stepping into the river
Strong waters
Cold but warmer in the sunny spots
I see the bottom but it is deeper than I expected
The rocks are uneven beneath my feet
Some large, some small
Some smooth, some jagged
A slick one takes me off guard
Very hard to stand here without support
Something to hold on to
I balance somehow with strength I don’t realize I have
I get wet but I do not sink
I become dry again
A twig floats by me into the unknown
If I go further I’m afraid it will be deeper and engulf me
Am I weak for staying where I am?
I feel safe here
The sun shines on my face and warms me in this place
I feel this is where I need to be
For now
I will wait here until I am told to move
Until the voice behind the sun tells me to move
I hear Him say
“Child, you are on a solid rock. Stand.”

Kim Crawford Copyright June 7, 2009

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