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Buzz in Her Ear

The young deer nuzzled against his wooly friend in the meadow

Buttercups shielded them from the outsiders

Sunbeams reached from the blue sky to warm the sleepy couple

Lolli (the lamb) lay her gentle head on the fuzzy neck of her dear friend Doue’ (deer)

She grinned as she thought about his white tail sticking up as he protected her from the bully billy goat

No one saw this but her

Doue’s long legs running through the meadow, jumping over streams and leaping through thickets were like fingers strumming a guitar

His melody sweet and sad rang in Lolli’s heart and pulled on the strings of her soul

His sounds buzzed in her ear like the bees when they make honey and the birds when they welcome the sun over the crest

Doue’s big brown loving, longing, eyes looked into Lolli’s precious soul and she kissed each eye which told him I love you too

Doue’ woke and realized he was dreaming of Lolli.  He remembered she was not nuzzled beside him in the field but on a journey in a far away land.

A tear squeezed from his big, brown eye.  He felt a slight breeze and a yellow butterfly dried the tear with her silky wing.  The tiniest bit of pink spotted the butterfly’s wing.

kimcrawford 2010

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