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yelling yellow

Yellow sun shines in my dream of good morning

Yellow butter flows on my hot pancakes made by Granny’s crooked hands

Yellow bird sings a melody beckoning me to skip to the park

Yellow sunshine squeezes through the branches while swinging higher to touch the hand of the sun

Yellow lemon icee is sour, sweet, cold, and sticky

Yellow butterfly friend delicate and small sits on a pink flower

Yellow caterpillar nibbles a yellow petal as he hopes to have wings someday

Yellow sweater so soft, yet screams, “Spring is here!”

Yellow shoelace trips my hurried steps to make it to my lesson on my yellow ukelele

Yellow dog sits at my feet begging for a morsel from my dinner plate

Yellow sheets are my cocoon of snuggle

Yellow moon whispers, “Sweet sleep.”

Yelling yellow in my dreams of you.

copyright kimcrawford sept 29, 2017

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